Oxford graduate Veselin Manojlović: One yes, after countless “no”, made my dream come true

Oxford graduate Veselin Manojlović: One yes, after countless “no”, made my dream come true

A student of mathematical physics points out that with the help of Mozzart, which provided support at a crucial time, when the whole world was in crisis due to the pandemic, he will continue his education in doctoral studies in London, studying mathematical modeling of tumor evolution and cancer risk.

Admission to the study of physics at one of the world's most prestigious universities in Oxford, for the then excellent student of the Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade, who dreamed about this as a boy while reading novels about Harry Potter, meant making his dream come true. However, impeccable grades and success at the admission exam, in which almost 70% of students who have already qualified as the best from all over the world did not pass the first round of testing, were not enough. It turned out that the game full of challenges had just begun.

  • Studies at Oxford are unmatched by any other University and provide a unique and irreplaceable experience, both academically and socially. They gave me a chance to learn about quantum field theory and quantum gravity from the world's greatest experts, which has been my boyhood dream since I learned about these concepts, to discuss with the most professional professors, to spend time with the best students from all over the world. Unfortunately, such a privilege, for students without a scholarship who come from outside the European Union, has its excessive price. Tuition and living expenses in just one year amount to almost 40,000 pounds, says Veselin Manojlović, who completed basic physics studies at the University where many of today's greatest minds were educated and recently handed in a master's thesis in mathematical physics.

From the day he was admitted to Oxford, with the support of his parents and family, he knocked on the door of every foundation and company operating in the field of his academic focus, but as he says, he was not very lucky.

  • We contacted companies from the fields of pharmacy, medicine, physics, mathematics, engineering, we searched for any connection with my education when I was submitting my application. However, the general picture of my reality was that there were very few positive responses, in most cases without any feedback. I would prefer to get a negative answer, but unfortunately, you get used to not receiving any feedback, says this bright-minded guy, soon a doctoral student in London, majoring in mathematical modeling of cancer evolution and cancer risk.
  • My story is still positive, because after a lot of "No" comes a big "Yes", which makes wonderful not only a day or a month, but the whole school year because it removes the burden of financial uncertainty. When you write a three-digit number of emails and send them to different addresses, Mozzart's positive response seems incredible to you! This help arrived at the right time for me to overcome financial difficulties during the master's year, and the support was realized in the midst of the huge crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mozzart, whose business was severely affected by the extraordinary circumstances, remained consistent with the agreement even in difficult times. The knowledge that Mozzart is one of the few socially responsible companies in Serbia, which, in addition to helping gifted students, does a great humanitarian work across the country, is really encouraging.

He already sees potential cooperation with Mozzart in the future, since he has learnt in England that the world's largest bookmakers employ the best students in mathematics and physics, primarily in the field of mathematical modeling, statistical models and applied mathematics for forming quotas.

He spends his vacation in self-isolation in Belgrade and spends time reading and preparing materials for his doctoral thesis, but also to review the previous four years, which were full of feats and efforts. The costs of studying for the first two years were covered by his parents and family, while for the third he organized a successful crowdfunding campaign during the summer.

Veselin is now looking forward to returning to the UK in the fall, because he is already missing the ritual he is used to - lectures, the famous English breakfast and watching the Champions League with friends from college when his obligations allow. In the end, he is happy that he will improve his field in doctoral studies in mathematical oncology, which in the long run can improve the entire humanity by the treatment of cancer