Be a winner

What do Severina, Miloš Biković and Rade Šerbedžija have in common ? A look back, at their established careers, clearly tells us that the three of them are winners in what they do, and a look ahead will reveal to you that this time they found themselves on a common task - to carry Mozzart's message across the region - BE A WINNER! Mozzart's new spectacular movielike commercial brings us an interesting plot - who will win the big reward and be the winner? Find this out and more on the link …. and have a look at behind the scenes and find out how the biggest stars spend time while the spotlight is not on them.  


Mozzart predictor

Welcome to a free to play game Mozzart predictor. There is only one condition to enter – to be registered on the site The rules are simple and it is very easy to play - in each round (the round lasts from Friday to Thursday) you will be given the task to predict accurate results in 10 matches from the strongest European football competitions. Guessing the correct result is not easy at all, but you can collect points even if you are not surgically accurate. And the winners gets to enjoy major prizes!


Happy Monday bonus

Every Monday Mozzart gives away free bonuses! All you have to do is to have an open account on and participate, no matter if you registered a year and a half ago or two days ago, every Monday there is a chance that a great bonus surprise is waiting for you.

World’s biggest odds

The vast offer of games has been generously made even better by the bookmakers from Mozart - because they give the highest odds in the world. Every day, we single out the biggest favorites and give the biggest odds in the world for them to win. Get more for your predictions. The odds are the biggest in the world, go ahead and try to find a bigger.