Legal Affairs and Business Compliance

We are developing a system for compliance of business and internal acts with the legal framework. This business unit is also dedicated to preserving the privacy of personal data, in order to ensure that the business is conducted in accordance with the legal regulations in this area. Through the work of this business unit, we ensure that the personal data of all our users and employees are handled in accordance with the relevant law.

Payment (Fraud, Risk, AML)

Our safety comes first. Part of the team within this business unit is responsible for overseeing all transactions within the company and ensures the legitimacy of transactions. The goal is to increase the security of the system, i.e. to prevent fraud, both external and internal. Our anti-money laundering (AML) team protects the company from potential suspicious transactions of illegal funds. We deal with the process of identifying, assessing and controlling all potential risks that may affect the company's business.

Information Security

Information Security Team is responsible for creating, implementing and maintaining information security policies and procedures in accordance with industry best practices.


The needs of our customers are most important to us, so the marketing team creates campaigns in accordance with them. Communication with customers is conducted through all marketing channels and we continuously align the strategy of our potentials with the needs of the market.