Mozzart has a convincing leadership position in the field of odds and diversity of game offerings in the markets in which it operates. We have achieved high quality odds thanks to an exceptional team of top statisticians, IT experts, mathematicians and sports experts. Years of experience and training in setting odds have been crucial to our market leadership. As part of its core business, Mozzart has its own production and offer of high quality odds for betting on a variety of sporting and other events, with around 250,000 odds on more than 1,600 events per day. In addition, more than 400 standard games for football matches and more than 500 special games for other sports are offered at any given time. To support the organization of sports betting, we have developed a complete IT system for the production, maintenance and upgrade of supporting software that allows reliable networking of a large number of points of sale and a high quality risk management. All odds in one place

Sports Betting

The most popular form of betting - Creating odds according to complex mathematical models and probability laws to predict the outcome of sporting events, whether they are matches that have yet to be played or matches that are in progress - live betting. Our players have the option of cashout on livebet, as well as  Jackpot on livebet which is a unique product in the market.

Betting on numbers

The pride of company Mozzart is the Mozzart Lucky Super 6 product, planned, designed, made and tested with the knowledge, experience and own IT capacities of the company. The application was made for the needs of providing games on the web portal, as well as the points of sale (Land Base), and the version for POS terminals is being finalized, which will result in the full offer and all types of providing games in the markets where Mozzart operates. Draws are every five minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year, with attractive odds on drawn numbers, 35 drawn out of 48 numbers, in modern animation and i attractive visual display. In addition to numerous sub-games within this product, a win multiplier and additional reward systems are offered, which is recognized by Mozzart’s players as a new value, recognizable style and different kind of entertainment. Industry standards and compliance with regulatory rules are confirmed by Mozzart Lucky Super 6 through numerous certificates to the markets in which it operates. The ITC (Institut for Testing and Certification) and GA (Gaming Associate) certificates can be viewed at this link.

Virtual Sports

In cooperation with the world's leading providers, we have enabled you the fastest betting - betting on virtual sports and races. Virtuals offered by Mozzart allow users to play fast games 24 hours a day, in 15 different matches or races, with over 180 events (odds) per race, or over 100 events (odds) per match every few minutes. All matches and races can be watched live, statistics and tables are available for each available match. Also, all offers on Mozzart portals are available on the Android and iOS platforms.