Valentina Zlatanović

director of the Administration Directorate

I started my career at Mozzart at the end of 2017, when I became a member of the Mozzart family. I started as a Product Portfolio Specialist, working on product portfolio optimization and leading the company’s strategic projects. My career path in Mozzart was somehow "fast", so in less than three years I reached a very responsible, but also interesting and challenging position of director of the Administration Directorate. It was this important leap in my career that showed me that effort, hard work, persistence, positive attitude and empathy for each other are the foundations of any successful community and company. Mozzart is a company in which a staff member can develop and advance fast: if you are willing to do your best, we will be ready to recognize it even faster.

Olivera Pantović

Director of the Sector for Development and Management of Relations with Players

I have been part of Mozart's team since April 2018. After a year and a half spent in the position of Junior Product Manager in the Department for Betting on Numbers, I was given the opportunity to continue developing my career in a challenging work environment as a Bonusing Manager, and now even to head a separate Department for Development and Management of Relations with Players. My job is dynamic and creative, focused on end-user satisfaction, but also closely related to all other departments within the company. With product directors, whose full support and assistance in my work I receive from the first day, I work on improving existing and designing new benefits for players, while we work on their implementation with the colleagues from IT department. As the way of playing a game of each player is specific, it is necessary that the benefits are in line with their way of playing and identified needs, which is one of the goals of the department I lead. In addition to all the benefits of working at Mozzart and the development opportunities that our company provides to its employees, I would especially like to mention the team of people I work with, because based on my personal experience I can confirm that they do their best to guide young people towards achieving success and support them in their work and further education.

Samir Hadrović

software engineer in the web team

My story at Mozzart begins in 2010, when I started working as a payment point bartender. The understanding of seriousness, stability and organization of Mozzart I gained at that time affected my work ethics and ambitions, so a year later I became a payment operator, and after another year a senior operator. When I saw that the company provides space for growth together with its development, in 2013 I decided to complete my studies at the College of Electrical Engineering and Computing of Vocational Studies in Belgrade. Thanks to my colleagues at the payment point and the managers who were always understood me, I was able to balance my working hours with attending lectures and exercises, or taking exams. From the moment I was invited to interview for the position of QA engineer in Mozzart's IT department in 2015, I was fascinated by the expertise of the people who work there, the way they are programming, the technologies they manage, as well as the atmosphere and work environment which are at a very high level at Mozzart. As a member of the QA team, my responsibility was to test the applications our developers made before these changes were implemented. Thus, I felt the desire to become a software engineer, in which my colleagues and superiors encouraged me. And it came true for me in 2019 when I was offered the position of software engineer in the Web team. Due to the nature of the domain, working in our IT is very dynamic, challenging and demanding, which is why I have the opportunity to work with top experts who are at the forefront both in designing and finding solutions, and in knowing the technologies we use in implementation. The very privilege of working with them every day and learning from them means a lot to me, as well as the fact that I really love what I do. My career path at Mozzart speaks volumes about what kind of company and team we are talking about: anything is possible if effort is invested and initiative is shown, because in Mozzart it is recognized and rewarded every time.