Hundred Basketball Courts for One Game

In the country of basketball, champions are born during basketball games that are played behind every building, and Mozzart has launched an action to renovate those basketball courts as part of the celebration of most beloved game in this region and its legends. So far, 95 basketball courts in… cities have been renovated bearing the names of famous players and whole generations. They took part in the golden stories of this sport, and Mozzart is now putting the blue stamp where the aces made their first steps. Mozzart also bequeaths them to some new Kićanović, Moka, Rebrača, Paspalj, new golden boys from Želovo, from the New Belgrade blocks, from Dorćol… 

The basketball courts that were named after younger aces - Veličković, Nedović, Raduljica, Milosavljević, golden queens are being renovated according to the FIBA standard. In addition to professional construction, acrylic boards, hinged hoops and a special flooring, stands, furniture and often outdoor gyms are set up as additional equipment. 

The action also deserved space in the university textbook which is used by the students of the Belgrade Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the Novi Sad Faculty of Technical Sciences in their study.