Others write about our BEST COLLEAGUES

Others write about our BEST COLLEAGUES

When our company was invited to participate in the "Best Colleague" competition, organized by BIZLife magazine, our employees were given the opportunity to publicly praise their favorite associates. From the collected texts in the printed edition of BIZLife, an article was published about the director of the Sector for Development and Management of Relations with Players, Olivera Pantović, about whom two of our colleagues wrote: Colombia Country Manager Nebojša Rako and Number Betting Department Director Marko Nikolić.

Nebojša Rako, Colombia Country Manager

What is typical for Mozzart is that it is adorned with friendly relations at work. I could mention many colleagues in this story and I would not make a mistake doing so.

Right at the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, I took on a new function and I needed the help of all my colleagues the most. I had no problem getting such help, on the contrary.

However, one person still left a great impression on me. That was Olivera Pantović.

Since I have met her, Olivera is always with a smiling face and in a good mood.

I remember when we organized an activity which was within her responsibility and after a while, I came to her rather dissatisfied because of the results achieved. Olivera just looked at me with a smile in her eyes and said, "Uncle Rako, don't worry, everything is ok, you'll see."

Olivera had some personal problems during the epidemic, but she was available at any time to provide help and suggestions. In every conversation, the most impressive thing is the smile on your face which calms you down and indicates that you are on the right path.

Olivera always answered the phone calls when I needed her help, there wasn't a moment when she wasn't ready to give me advice.

Once, when I did not show up in the office for a couple of days, I received a message from her: "How are you? Is everything OK? We are worried about you."

These are just some of the moments when you are proud to work with people who do their best to encourage you, to help you, to make you laugh and to do the work together with you.

What I do know for sure is that Oliver is considered by many of our colleagues as the best colleague.

Having Oliver as a colleague is a privilege and an honor.

Olivera, thank you for the encouragement, for the smile, for the professionalism and for the assistance in those moments when the solution was far away.

Marko Nikolić, Number Betting Department Director 

Olivera is fantastic!

We have been colleagues for a couple of years now, and as a bonus I also got a friend. 

Olivera is fearless!

When it was difficult, she bravely took on one of the most important roles in the company, and as a bonus, Mozzart Bet recorded great results.

Olivera is generous!

With all that in mind, it is quite logical that Olivera herself is responsible for the smiles on the faces of hundreds of thousands of our players, who stands behind the magic of bonuses on Mozzart Bet accounts.

And she has just started…