Mozzart brings water to places in Kenya where it doesn’t rain for periods up to three years

Mozzart brings water to places in Kenya where it doesn’t rain for periods up to three years

Hakuna matata is a famous Swahili expression for a carefree life, but unfortunately many Kenyans in the 21st century still worry about something that should be available to everyone – drinking water. The Mozzart company, which has been successfully operating in this beautiful African country for more than half a decade, launched the “One Hundred Wells for the Community” campaign to provide the local population with access to clean and safe water for daily use.

The last well, the twelfth in a row as part of this campaign, was opened in Kisumu County in western Kenya. The ceremonial event at Obuora Primary School was attended by the Minister of Water, Environment, Climate Change and National Resources Maryline Yanzar Agwa, representatives of the local community and school management, John Akongo, the winner of the Mozzart campaign who chose the location of the well, as well as representatives of the Mozzart company from Kenya and Serbia.

Walking more than ten kilometres a day for drinking water, frequent diseases and infections, difficult conditions for work and study were an unpleasant part of the daily life of the local population who, according to them, had been praying for water since 1945.

“It gives me great pleasure to be here today and to officially open the twelfth well in a row, this time in Kisumu County, on behalf of Mozzart Bet Kenya. Access to clean water is a basic human right and our socially responsible work strives to help the communities in which we operate,” said Mozzart Kenya Market Manager Saša Krneta.

Representatives of the Mozzart company from Serbia used their visit to Kenya to visit the Machakos County, where a well was opened two years ago at Katanga Secondary School. How important water is for all residents of Kenya is also evidenced by the fact that in the last two years, children in this county have been getting sick less, and their school results are getting better and better. It hasn't rained in their area for three years, but thanks to the Mozzart company project, they no longer have problems with drinking water. This is confirmed by the smiles on the faces of the children who attend secondary school in this county.

In addition to opening wells, the Mozzart company provides support to the health system in Kenya as part of its socially responsible actions. Incubators, sterilizers, beds, monitors for monitoring the condition of patients, oxygen bottles are only part of the new equipment donated by the Mozzart company. Just a few months after the first incubators arrived at the Waithaka Health Centre in Kenya, the lives of twins born in the seventh month were saved. Little Annabelle and Christabel, whom their parents call Mozzart babies, are now big girls who won their most difficult battle. The smiles on their faces are the best confirmation that Mozzart's humanitarian work in Kenya is truly changing people's lives. The Mozzart company will continue the same trend in the future so that water reaches even the driest regions, and the babies that are born every day are healthy and smiling.