A Heartfelt Mindset for Future Decades of Benefactions

A Heartfelt Mindset for Future Decades of Benefactions

The establishment of a foundation is the crown of the socially responsible work of every company, and this kind of confirmation also comes from the Mozzart company, which in the future will carry out its charity activities under the auspices of the Mozzart Foundation. Since its establishment in 2001, social responsibility has been deeply woven into every segment of Mozart's business, constantly directing assistance towards education, ecology, culture, health, sports, gender equality, and the economic empowerment of women... It is precisely this commitment to CSR activities that naturally created the need to go one step further and establish a foundation, which will enable an even wider range of socially responsible actions, under the slogan “Our Heartfelt Mindset”.


In addition to representatives of the Mozzart company, the members of the Board of Directors of the newly formed foundation are prominent figures from various social areas who will contribute to the spread of charity in our country with their rich professional experience and authority. Double Euroleague MVP basketball player Vasilije Micić, the best volleyball player in the world Tijana Bošković, captain of the Serbian football team Dušan Tadić, famous actors of the domestic theatre and film scene Nebojša Dugalić and Miodrag Radonjić, legendary Nele Karajlić, head of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at the Clinical Centre of Serbia prof. Dr. Miloš Joković, and Ljubomir Kustudić, honorary chairman and one of the founders of MENSA Serbia, gladly responded to the invitation to become members and a kind of ambassadors of the Mozzart Foundation.


“It is exceptionally significant that a company like Mozzart decided to engage in humanitarian activities in this way as well. This will not only help those who need help, but will also raise our awareness of mutual solidarity. I am honoured to be part of that team,” said Nele Karajlić.


Apart from the basketball court, Vasa Micić will also show his big heart by his engagement in the Mozzart Foundation.


“I am very happy to be a part of the story of the Mozart Foundation and to have the opportunity to contribute to a positive outcome in the most important matches off the basketball court. The Mozzart company has been organizing great events for a long time, and last year, I had the honour of having the basketball court they opened in my hometown of Kraljevo bear my name. I am looking forward to all the projects that we will implement together,” said basketball player Vasilije Micić.


With Mozart's assistance, help has so far reached the addresses of numerous individuals, health and cultural institutions, humanitarian organizations and associations, sports teams... Numerous humanitarian matches and tournaments have been organized, manifestations of cultural importance have been supported, the ideas of startup teams have been launched into the universe, numerous female entrepreneurs implemented their business plans, different parts of Serbia received courts where future basketball aces will grow, numerous amateur clubs shone in their new jerseys... The Mozzart Foundation will continue its activities at the same pace, and one of the first projects will be the signing of the Protocol on Collaboration with the Serbian Ministry of Health.