In 2022, Mozart donated more than 100 million dinars in Serbia

In 2022, Mozart donated more than 100 million dinars in Serbia

It is well known that the Mozzart company is a regional leader in the organization of games of chance, and its name is equally associated with the epithet of a leader in the field of humanity. In 2022 alone, more than 100 million dinars were donated for humanitarian purposes. With Mozart's assistance, help reached the addresses of numerous individuals, health and cultural institutions, humanitarian organizations and associations, sports teams, etc. Numerous humanitarian matches and tournaments were organized, manifestations of cultural importance were supported, and ongoing actions continued by which the company has been recognizable for many years. With Mozzart's support, the ideas of young startup teams were launched into the universe, numerous female entrepreneurs realized their business plans, different parts of Serbia received courts where future basketball aces will grow, numerous amateur clubs shone in new jerseys, and the first 50 gloves for the blind in the world was donated in our country thanks to this company. Socially responsible actions are carried out in all markets where the company operates, on three continents. For the last two years, the One Hundred Wells Campaign has been implemented in Kenya, where 11 wells have been opened so far, and thereby significant progress in increasing access to clean drinking water for the residents of this African country has been made. In 2022 alone, three wells were opened. The large environmental project called “Rezzikliraj” was implemented in cities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the campaign, they organized the collection of PET packaging, as well as a prize competition for the best DIY project on the topic of material recycling. The money from the sale of the collected packaging was donated to the Ecological Association “Eko put” from Bijeljina, and the winners of the competition were students from Kiseljak 1 Primary School who won a valuable cash prize.

“In the past year, we have supported everyone who needs it – sports clubs, young people who dream big, humanitarian organizations, health institutions, etc. We will continue at the same pace next year in order to maintain the leading position in the humanitarian ranking,” said Borjan Popović, Director of Corporate Communications of the Mozzart company.


In cooperation with the University of Belgrade, the Mozzart company designed and implemented the unique accelerator programme called “Univerzum,” where the projects that are yet to be talked about saw the light of day. The selected startups won grants in the total amount of EUR 25,000, received secured space and mentoring support, as well as the opportunity to present their ideas to potential investors. Support has come to numerous young successful individuals who are already conquering the world stage. At the very top of the Mozzart talent list was tennis player Petra Drezgić, who received support in her ascent to the top of the WTA list, followed by saxophonist Kristina Vasić, who started her career at the age of just seven, and has already recorded a performance with the famous tenor Placido Domingo in her biography, as well as jockey Jelena Živković, who independently maintains a large estate near Topola and participates in horse races throughout the country.


At the beginning of the year, a trip to the play “Attic”(Potkrovlje) was organized for the residents of the Safe Houses, and in addition to the Safe House in Belgrade, to which Mozzart provides financial support every month, donations were sent to other institutions of this type. More than 50 women in Safe Houses in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica, Pančevo, Zrenjanin, Niš, and Vranje received online courses in knitting, decoupage, jewellery making, crocheting, and wool weaving from Mozzart to empower them economically.


The Mozzart company also plays the main role when social responsibility is “placed” on the stage and screen. A strategic cooperation protocol was signed with the Belgrade Drama Theatre, and apart from supporting theatres, Mozzart also played a significant role in the filming of numerous series.


A large number of sporting events with a humanitarian character were held in cooperation with numerous clubs and organizations. One of the actions, Mozzart Basket for Luck, was organized at Kalemegdan and gathered a large number of famous people, who were divided into two teams and played for a common goal – collecting money for the construction of a new home for the Stojićević family from Pećinci. With the help of the humanitarian tournament Mozzart Basket for Ogi, the remaining amount needed for the treatment of Ognjen Kapata was collected.


As part of Mozzart's Free Sports School project, a large number of children trained their favourite disciplines completely free of charge – from chess to handball, basketball, volleyball, football... Mozzart company also supported Željko Rebrača's basketball camp, Milan Borjan's goalkeeping camp, and Dejan Stanković's football camp, and provided an opportunity for a large number of young talents to improve their sports skills and learn from their idols.


Our famous campaign “One Hundred Fields for One Game” is coming to a spectacular end. At the beginning of the year, the field near the “Arena” was named after the great Dušan Duda Ivković. After that, Mozzart's caravan headed for Kraljevo, where Vasilije Vasa Micić was welcomed by many fellow citizens on an open field in honour of the two-time the Euroleague MVP. The current captain of the basketball team, Vladimir Lučić, was also seen off from the newly opened Mozzart court in Voždovac, and the golden basketball team was welcomed in Novi Sad on the court dedicated to them and the country of basketball. The Mozzart company also offered all citizens the opportunity to open the jubilee 95th court right in their area through a game show, and student Filip Ilić won and brought a new court to his birth place Žagubica.


As in the previous years, help from Mozzart arrived at the addresses of numerous institutions, organizations, associations, and individuals. A hydraulic demolition tool for rescuing people from traffic accidents was donated to the Emergency Department of the Ministry of Interior, and shooters from the sports unit of the Ministry of Interior also received support. The first 50 gloves for the blind in the world were donated in our country thanks to Mozzart.


As an exclusive partner of the Football Association of Serbia and the title sponsor of the Super League and the First League of Serbia, Mozzart introduced a humanitarian segment to the domestic championship for the first time. Every week, the best player of the round was awarded a sum of money that they forwarded to an organization or an individual of their choice, and the prizes also arrived at the addresses of the players of the month, who also redirected them to humanitarian purposes.


Combining love for sport and ecology, Mozzart was the title sponsor of all three Invictus challenge OCR races this year. In addition to the competition on the track, Mozzart also organized an ECO challenge where the employees cleaned Petrovaradin, then a sailboat with the name of this company set off on the Danube to clean the shores of Štrand, and in the end, the birds of Fruška Gora got new homes made by the Mozzart team. The birdhouses were made with the help of associates from the Sotsko jezero Association, to whom Mozart sent financial support for the landscaping of this untouched part of nature.